Capro-X produces natural, sustainable, and food-grade fatty acids – which we call bio-oils – from fermentations using non-engineered microbes, fed with food-grade byproducts from Greek yogurt. By buying our bio-oil products, you are helping to increase the sustainability of the dairy industry! Our first product – CPRX1060 (caproic acid a.k.a. hexanoic acid) – is available for early-stage orders by contacting us at!

CPRX1060 – Caproic acid (a.k.a. hexanoic acid, n-caproic acid, pentyl formic acid, capronic acid, butyl acetic acid, 1-pentane carboxylic acid)

Available in the following sizes and prices (includes shipping and tax):

  • 10 mL for $20
  • 20 mL for $25
  • 100 mL for $35
  • 250 mL for $65
  • 500 mL for $90
  • Larger orders can be supplied upon request.

For sales, please contact us at

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