Our goal:
Enable farmers to produce niche probiotic oils
provide distribution to reach health-conscious consumers

We provide farmers with the technological expertise to allow them to produce probiotics on-site. We then purchase these probiotic oils from them, and distribute these to consumers.

Experienced marketing, distribution, and R&D team

Leveraging a decade of continuous R&D at Cornell University, our team of engineers and microbiologists have proven that the Capro-X conversion platform will work in the real world.

Sustainably reducing CO2 emissions

The Capro-X conversion platform is ideally suited to be placed after syngas fermentation at steel plants to recycle carbon from waste gases.

Robust bioprocess does all the heavy lifting

Long-term scale-up and sensitivity studies have shown that the microbiota involved in the Capro-X conversion platform are robust, reliable, and can handle system fluctuations.

Wide network of human and animal health customers and distributors

The final step of the Capro-X conversion platform employs a patented membrane separation technology to extract a high-purity oil product stream. This product can be easily converted to drop-in fuels and chemicals.

The Technology

Capro-X is developing a bioprocess that can displace the energy-intensive distillation step from fermentation and produce a fuel precursor

Ethanol as the end product from the biorefinery industry has key disadvantages in today’s energy market: an economically low value and a high energy loss during product recovery. Capro-X is scaling up a patented bioprocess, developed at Cornell University, which can make biorefineries more economical and sustainable. Capro-X’s technology elongates ethanol in dilute process streams into an oily product that is easy to extract. Our bioprocess is versatile, allowing it to be coupled to existing fermenters to displace ethanol distillation. The resulting oil can be upgraded into drop-in aviation fuel.

Our Team

Our team combines experience in engineering, microbiology, and business development.

Juan JL Guzman, PhD*

CEO, Co-Founder
Juan worked in bioenergy startups for 4 years before starting his PhD at Cornell University – developing the world’s first commercial bioelectrochemical wastewater treatment system. At Cornell, he has driven scale-up process design efforts for key processes in the Capro-X technology.

Dr. Largus T. Angenent

University of Tübingen
Centrum for Applied GeoSciences

Our Scientific Advisors

Leveraging expertise from leading researchers in the field