$4 billion of Greek yogurt was consumed last year. But what most yogurt eaters don’t know is that every cup of Greek yogurt produces two cups of concentrated wastewater – called acid whey. Every year, more than 100 million gallons of this waste is discarded, at a considerable expense for the industry. Much of this acid whey is transported in tanker trucks to be spread as fertilizer.

Capro-X is developing a fermentation bioprocess technology that can solve the problem of acid whey handling. This novel technology employs a non-GMO community of microbes to convert organic compounds in acid whey into sustainable bio-oils.
Our bio-oils are 6- to 8-carbons long, can be used to make specialty chemicals, and a direct replacement for oils from palm-oil. Capro-x is aiming to process the bio-oil into jet fuel.


Capro-X will take the responsibility of handling acid-whey wastewater. We will install and operate our patented WheyAway™ system on-site, and directly solve a waste handling problem experienced by Greek yogurt producers. By providing the service of handling acid whey, Capro-X earns revenue through a wastewater treatment contract. Fermentation bioprocess fixes carbon into a valuable bio-oil product


Juan Guzman, PhD
CEO, co-founder
– MS., PhD., in Biological & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

Prof. Lars Angenent
– Humboldt Professor at University of Tübingen, Centrum for Applied GeoSciences